As Hong Kong rewarded the City of the longest life expectancy in 2018, more and more people in Hong Kong are now emphasizing to have a well-planned, long term investment portfolio for their retirement. Therefore, Bonds, having relatively lower risk nature, with stable and regular interest incomes, become one of the most popular investment tools. In order for our clients to explore the investment opportunities in bond markets, Mayfair & Ayers provides a variety of bonds for client to choose from.

In Mayfair & Ayers, we offer bonds issued by local or overseas governments, governmental organizations, well-known corporations around the world denominated in major currencies, as well as any other bonds that can be traded in secondary market.

We hope to satisfy the needs of investors and help them a comprehensive retirement plan.

Mayfair & Ayers provides:

  • Corporate bonds
  • Government bonds
  • Perpetual bonds
  • Callable bonds
  • Puttable bonds
  • Convertible bonds
  • Exchangeable bonds