With investment expertise derived from extensive research on major markets and a solid network, Mayfair & Ayers offers institutional and high net-worth clients comprehensive investment solutions from developed and emergent markets through discretionary investment management services. Whilst focusing on securities in Asia Pacific, Mayfair & Ayers is also proficient in managing conventional and Shariah-compliant mutual funds exposed to equities, fixed income products, commodities, foreign exchange, unit trusts, structured products and/or money market products and meeting tailor-made investment parameters and exact investment objectives of clients.

Investment Strategies

Mayfair & Ayers is a proactive fund manager and has a process-driven investment approach based on fundamental and strategic analysis. Its success in equity investments and other products is attributable to taking alpha as the criterion for measuring market efficiencies . Along the way Mayfair & Ayers performs proprietary research on the general economic environment of specific major markets, sectors and/or industries. Using a scoring system, Mayfair & Ayers assigns scores to different markets to identify mispricing opportunities in any asset class, country and sector to construct client portfolios. In essence, Mayfair & Ayers aims at achieving risk adjusted returns through comprehensive fundamental analysis and proactive portfolio management.

With affiliates in major financial centres, Mayfair & Ayers is privy to a network of prominent investment banks and local partners and capable of leveraging an extensive research base as well as knowledge and expertise of local markets.