Our Company

In a unique collaboration, the Ayers Alliance (Ayers) & Mayfair Pacific Financial Group Limited (Mayfair Pacific) have joined forces to form the Mayfair & Ayers Financial Group (Mayfair & Ayers) to achieve even greater success for their valued clients.

Internationally, regionally and locally, Mayfair & Ayers have well connected teams of seasoned, dedicated, professional and proactive experts, who are well positioned to offer individuals, institutions and corporations a wide spectrum of exemplary and customized wealth and asset management solutions. Mayfair & Ayers offer securities and futures brokerage services, investment products, financial advisory services as well as lifestyle management to help clients achieve their unique financial goals and aspirations. By relying on our directors’ careful management of their portfolios, our clients can concentrate on their own pursuits without the need to constantly manage and monitor their financial matters.

Mayfair & Ayers Financial Group is duly authorized and licensed by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission to conduct business in Types 1, 2, 4, 5 & 9 regulated activities, namely dealing in and advising on securities and future contracts, as well as asset management. Mayfair & Ayers is also an Exchange Participant of both the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited and the HKFE Clearing Corporation Limited.



Mayfair & Ayers will be Hong Kong’s preferred financial advisor recognized for creating value and generating growth that exceeds all expectations.

Mayfair & Ayers strives to keep creating value and generating growth for our clients and shareholders with our outstanding financial services and products and continue to exceed all expectations.


Mayfair & Ayres will be trusted to reliably deliver innovative, exemplary and high performance financial services and products, for our clients whilst upholding the highest standards of integrity and quality.

Mayfair & Ayers values the trust and confidence our clients placed in us and strive to consistently and steadfastly deliver innovative and exemplary financial services and outstanding performance to them whilst upholding the highest standard of integrity and quality.

Global Presence

Mayfair & Ayers has well-established and strong alliances with marketing intermediaries and distribution channels throughout favorable jurisdictions including Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Gulf Cooperation Council Countries, United Kingdom, Japan, and ASIAN countries. It is primed to enable business referrals and connect clients with global financial markets.