Hong Kong Stock Services

Hong Kong is an outward economy and has long been a renowned international financial centre in Asia Pacific. In recent years, a vast number of enterprises from Europe and the Americas listed in Hong Kong and those from China, whether state-owned or privatised, are also expanding their share in the market. With such development, the Chinese economy’s importance and impact on Hong Kong’s security market are increasing.

As far as Hong Kong stocks are concerned, investors generally consider the Hang Seng Index as the market indicator. The Hang Seng Index comprises 50 stocks that represent about 61% of capitalisation of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The turnover of major industrial sectors in the index, such as finance, telecommunications, real estate and utilities, account for 46% of the market. Investment products other than common stocks include warrants, callable bull bear contracts, ETF and real estate investment trusts (REIT).

In addition, the settlement process of Hong Kong stocks is completed by the second working day after the transaction (T+2). However, investors can buy and sell a stock within the same day. “Limit up, limit down” (LULD) is not applicable to the Hong Kong stock market or stocks listed there.

Mayfair & Ayers offers different types of account for clients to choose from:

  • Individual / Joint Cash Account
  • Corporate Cash Account

Other services for Hong Kong stock

Besides Hong Kong stock, trading services of the following investment products are also available:

  • Different types of derivative investment products
  • Warrant
  • Covered Warrant
  • Callable bull bear contracts (CBBC)
  • Initial Public Offer (IPO)
  • Private Placement

Securities and Futures Brokerage

Mayfair & Ayers’ brokerage business caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from institutions to high net-worth retail customers, in Hong Kong and abroad. It is a participant of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Futures Exchange with trading rights.

Mayfair & Ayers has a formidable distribution network and products due to its solid reputation, international presence and strong relationships with other market intermediaries and institutional investors both regionally and worldwide.

In addition to securities and futures brokerage, Mayfair & Ayers also offer margin financing and initial public offering (IPO) subscription services.